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Nothing ever works out for me. It's a simple fact.
  • Try to keep family and the only world you've only known from falling apart? Nope, selling house and moving you into an apartment.
  • Try to deal with my emotions over the tearing apart of my world? Nope, suicide ward.
  • Try to recover from crippling anxiety and depression? Nope, 5 years of it.
  • Finally get friends and feel confident enough to move in with them? Nope, emotional breakdown when you get there and spending $1000 to get you back.
  • Foolishy get excited again because one your friends are moving in with you? Nope, delay the trip a couple more days.
  • Try to take a sleeping pill to sleep through the rest of your miserable day? Sure, but you'll spill the water all over the carpet when you do, have fun sleeping the rest of the day.
  • Try to cheer yourself up with gaming with your bestfriend? Nope, all the games you want to play refuse to work.
Literally, NOTHING works out for me. I've given up on expecting things to actually go well anymore.
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: A Day to Remember


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